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Aktualisiert: 30. Juli 2020

Despite a seemingly out-of-control pandemic, global social upheaval, curfews, and lockdowns, domain sales continued to thrive.

The May-June sales figures for 2020, as reported by DNJournal, included impressive sales for domains, lead by a $100,000 purchase for GreenStreet.com.

Paying high prices for a website address is not something everyone is willing to do.

As sales of confirmed sales show, it is still very well possible to be the proud owner of a top-level domain for under $4000.

Innovation, creativity, and smartness have led to the registration of domains composed of three words, hyphened website addresses and with some domains even including a number.

The Highest Reported Domain Sales - Courtesy DNJournal.com

Mon. May 25, 2020 - Sun. Jun 7, 2020


antonyandthejohnsons.com $3,778

f-m.com $3,721


stmarysmadison.com $2,611

wholesalerealestate.com $2,300

casinoenlignefrance.com $3,100

corporate-learning.com $2,850

tech22.com $3,100

corporate-learning.com $2,850

adultsexgames.com $2,550

bestchickenrecipes.com $2,500

hard-hat.com $2,500

s07.com $2,350


Erotik-Sexshop.de $2,736

OnlineMarketingMagazin.de $2,622

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